Maria Quiñones

Director of Retail Execution


Little Rock

Age: 38

Maria Quiñones

Maria Quiñones started working for AT&T 18 years ago, while attending school full time, and said she altered course to stay because it was an up-and-coming company that had a lot to offer its employees.

Since then, she said, she’s traveled to numerous locales and grown — both personally and professionally.

Now Quiñones is passionate about today’s young people being given that same opportunity. She said her greatest professional accomplishment was being involved in a program that developed future AT&T retail leaders. Quiñones works with Junior Achievement and supports job shadowing initiatives too.

“People never know how long they’re going to have, so supporting the next generation is crucial,” she said.

Exposure to diverse backgrounds also is important, Quiñones said, pointing to her own experience and the inspiration her parents provided. They were impoverished when they immigrated to the United States from the Dominican Republic and then achieved business success here.

Quiñones said, “When you’re young, you need exposure and you need to gain experience, and that happens when you’re introduced to different people from different backgrounds — diversity.”