Haley Allgood

Executive Director

Community Venture Foundation


Age: 25

Haley Allgood

Haley Allgood was not a typical summer intern.

Allgood was working for Startup Junkie Consulting in Fayetteville while pursuing an MBA from the University of Arkansas. For her summer intern project, she worked on the presentation for ScaleUp Ozarks that earned the program a $1 million grant from the Small Business Administration, one of just 15 awarded to programs nationally.

“That is definitely something I’m incredibly proud of,” Allgood said. “We have helped almost 50 businesses in the past two years, and we have brought in new revenue and jobs to our community because of that program.”

Her internship led to full-time work at Startup Junkie after graduation, and in the spring of this year, Allgood was named to lead the Community Venture Foundation, a nonprofit group that works with the region’s entrepreneurs in partnership with Startup Junkie.

The Community Venture Foundation was awarded a $665,000 grant from the Walton Foundation, in large part because of the success of ScaleUp Ozarks, which the CVF helps administer.

“We are a resource for our community,” Allgood said. “When someone is looking to start or grow their business, we are someone they can go to.”