Clint Gaston


Gaston's White River Resort


Age: 28

Clint Gaston

Clint Gaston was 25 years old when the death of his grandfather, Jim Gaston, left him in charge of the legendary Gaston’s White River Resort, a lodge with a restaurant, private club and waterfront amenities on the White River in Lakeview (Baxter County).

Gaston is a fourth-generation operator of the resort, which was founded by his great-grandfather almost 60 years ago.

Over the years, Gaston said, he has worked “every little position in the business.” He started when he was around 6 years old, picking up cigarette butts and other trash around the grounds. It’s this breadth of experience that allowed him to take over at such a young age. “In a business like this, you really have to learn all aspects of it in order to run it,” Gaston said.

He attended Arkansas State University-Mountain Home for a time after graduating from high school, but discovered he enjoyed working more than attending school and returned to the family business.

Gaston hopes to pass the resort on to his own children. His son, Trey, 7, seems like the most likely candidate.

“It’s so special here just because this is really my family’s legacy. We’ve been here since 1958. It’s just so important to me to keep that going, to keep the tradition going,” he said.