Mark Rose

Sales and Marketing Director


Little Rock

Mark Rose

Simply put, Mark Rose said his philosophy in climbing the corporate ladder has been, “Work harder than the next guy.”

Rose’s coworkers attest to that. Rose, 36, began work with KATV, Channel 7, in 1988 as a local account executive. His talents weren’t lost on his sales manager, who described him as a “diamond in the rough.”

In 1993, Rose became national sales manager for Allbritton Communications, which owns KATV. His success there led to his promotion to local sales manager in 1995. In that role, Rose increased local production by 142 percent.

Rose has been director of sales and marketing since 1997. In that position, he budgets and manages KATV’s local sales, national sales, promotion, research, traffic and the Arkansas Razorback Sports Network.

Rose, the new president of the Arkansas Advertising Federation, said he’s seen many challenges during his tenure at KATV, having to grow sales while cable TV, digital satellite and the Internet took bigger chunks of the media pie.

The hard work continues. He’s been tapped to manage the Arkansas Information Radio Network, which will feed local news, weather and sports to radio stations throughout the state. AIR launches in September.