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Maynard Anderson

Chairman/Vice President of Sales

Twin Rivers Foods/A & F Exports

Fort Smith

Maynard Anderson

Maynard Anderson left Tyson Foods Inc. five and half years ago, moved his daughter out of her bedroom, moved in a computer and co-founded Twin Rivers Foods/A&F Exports.

Today, the company has grown from having five employees in 1994 to 800, and it has sales offices in four states: Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina. It has two poultry processing plants in Fort Smith.

Through it all, Anderson, 37, has learned a simple rule he says guides his business.

"You do what you say you're going to do. That's what I found out in the chicken business - most people didn't. And that's one reason I didn't have any qualms about going out on my own," he says, because he knew if the company kept its commitments, the business would be successful.

Anderson is a 1980 graduate of Waldron High School, and he received a bachelor's degree in agribusiness from Arkansas Tech University in 1984. He worked 10 years for Tyson Foods.

A member of the Church of Christ, Anderson works with Cub Scouts and coaches girls and boys baseball.

"When you get too old to play it, you coach it, I guess," he says.

The company was named the Arkansas Small Business Association's Exporter of the Year.