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Michael Keck

Director of Corporate Relations

St. Vincent Health System

Little Rock

Michael Keck

On his way to the 1992 Republican National Convention, Michael Keck says he picked up a local newspaper to read on the plane. He was shocked to find few filings for the Little Rock city board.

Inspired by a Jack Kemp convention speech, he returned and promptly filed to run for the city board. He was defeated, but ran again in 1993 and was elected to represent Ward 5 (fast-growing west LR) on the board, where he has served ever since.

Upon election, he became the youngest board member in city history.

Keck, 36, says he hoped to bring a voice from his generation to the board, which in the early 1990s was busy working to overcome the city's image that had been tarnished by crime and a high murder rate. As so many fled the city, he says he wanted to work toward a city people would choose to stay and raise a family.

"I'm proud to have been a part of several city boards which implemented policies that made the city safer," Keck says.

He is also proud of the rebirth of downtown with the River Market and voter-approved River Project. Asked if he thought Little Rock a good place to live and raise a family now, Keck answers with a quick "Absolutely!"

Keck also serves as a deacon at Pleasant Valley Church of Christ where he also teaches a Bible class to fourth, fifth and sixth graders. He is a member of the Little Rock Port Authority and the Ambulance Authority.