Scott Kingsborough

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Clear Mountain Spring Water

Little Rock

Scott Kingsborough

Scott Kingsborough is described as having a rare combination of entrepreneur zeal and the steady vision of a company builder. One of the founders of Clear Mountain Spring Water in 1988, Kingsborough has been instrumental in the company's rise to dominance in the region.

The company now employs 100 and had revenue of $9 million last year with sales and operations in five states. It has posted double-digit growth for the past several years and is looking to acquire other water companies. This growth has been possible, Kingsborough says, because the company has remained focused on its core business - five-gallon home and office delivery.

Kingsborough, 38, says he believes in having fun at work - and he works hard to have that fun culture.

While having fun, he also believes in open book management, sharing all the company's numbers with the employees and explaining to them why decisions are made. He was responsible for setting up the firm's bonus program, open to all employees. As a result, the company has retained a large percentage of its founding workers.

He's worked behind the scenes on numerous community events such as Riverfest. A certified public accountant, Kingsborough is on the Committee for the Future of Arkansas Children's Hospital.