Dennis Leatherby

Senior Vice President of Finance

Tyson Foods Inc.


Dennis Leatherby

The Tyson Foods Inc. acquisition of Holly Farms in 1989 also got the company a new employee. Corporate banker Dennis Leatherby, 38, counted Tyson as one his clients in the late '80s and was attracted to the company's entrepreneurial spirit and people. So after helping Tyson on the Holly Farms deal, he came aboard in 1990 as assistant treasurer.

Now Leatherby, 38, is senior vice president of finance, handling cash management, loans and analysis. Outside the office, Leatherby is involved with Fayetteville's Central United Methodist Church's Sunday school and Promise Keepers activities.

Despite being part of the company for almost 10 years, he says he's still having fun at his job, which holds new surprises every day.

"It's fun. I'm not a person who can do the same thing every day," he says. "Like everyone, I thrive in an exciting and changing environment."

Leatherby, a Kansas State University graduate, says he likes the brisk pace of nailing down the company's numerous transactions. "It's a very active environment here, and I think just keeping the projects moving - getting them done and moving to the next one - makes the job exciting."