Scott McLain

Chief Financial Officer

FoxCor Inc.

Little Rock

Scott McLain

Working for a business that is still growing (and rapidly at that), Scott McLain says it's important to realize clients and potential clients judge the character and integrity not just of the company, but also that of its employees.

McLain, 36, went to work for FoxCor Inc. of Little Rock in December 1995, bringing his engineering degree and a varied experience from 12 years with the United Parcel Service and his own consulting firm. Formed earlier that year, FoxCor handles program management for the design and construction industry.

FoxCor, which now has about 30 employees, has been ranked among the fastest growing companies in the state. McLain, the company's chief financial officer, says that over the course of his career, earning and maintaining the respect of others can be vital to business success.

"Your character and integrity, not only as an individual but as a business, evolves and grows," McLain says. "You can't do anything to jeopardize that, either personally or with the company."

Working on several different jobs at the UPS, from building management to operations helped prepare him for FoxCor. At a small, growing company, he has needed this ability to adapt - learning skills in everything from accounting to marketing.

He says he picked up more skills as member of the first graduating class from the executive MBA program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.