Mark McLarty


McLarty International LLC

Little Rock

Mark McLarty

Mark McLarty is still having trouble deciding what to do when he grows up.

The question of the hour is: Should he quit work to pursue a joint master's degree in business and public administration at Harvard or keep working and enroll in the weekend MBA program at Wharton Business School?

He's leaning toward the latter, which will enable him to shuttle between the family's Little Rock-based auto dealership interests, Washington, D.C.-based consulting office and Latin America to help broker business deals.

Fluent in Spanish and not bad with Portuguese, McLarty, 27, was at ground zero in the leveraged buyout negotiations of his family's $400 million auto group by Asbury Automotive Holdings LLC in 1998.

He holds a bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary studies from Georgetown University with collegiate stints in Hong Kong and and Madrid, Spain.

His collegiate career is sprinkled with Greek and Latin as McLarty earned Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude recognition.

His current volunteer activities include the finance committee of St. Vincent's Foundation and international business development work for the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce.