Ford Overton

Vice President of Operations and Marketing

Rineco Chemical Insustries Inc.


Ford Overton

In the nine years Ford Overton has been with Rineco Chemical Industries Inc., he has helped the Benton company become one of the fastest-growing hazardous waste firms in the country.

After a short stint with Stephens Inc., Overton began with Rineco in 1990 as a sales representative. He was promoted to national marketing director in 1992 and became vice president of operations and marketing in 1996. Overton is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the firm, which has 325 employees and sales representatives who cover 48 states.

Rineco handles hazardous waste for such national firms as Boeing Co., Du Pont Els de Nemours & Co., Sherwin-Williams Co., General Motors Corp. and American Airlines Inc. Rineco was founded in 1986.

The materials Rineco handles - such as gasoline, diesel, paint thinner or glues - are hazardous because they are ignitable, Overton says.

"We've had an aggressive approach all across the country in selling our service," says Overton, 33. "And we've grown more, without acquisitions, than any other waste company in the country."

Most of the volunteer work Overton does is centered around activities Rineco is involved with in Saline County, such as the Benton and Bryant chambers of commerce.