Stephen Williams

Senior Staff Attorney

Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp.

Little Rock

Stephen Williams

Stephen Williams joined the legal staff of Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp. in 1991 after working on Sen. David Pryor's staff in Washington D.C. and serving as counsel to the U.S. Senate Special Comittee on Aging. He was promoted to senior staff attorney in 1993.

Williams played a role for AECC and other electric cooperatives in the state getting an electric deregulation bill passed in the last Legislative session. He worked on negotiations, drafting the language of the final bill and sitting in on hearings.

Now that the legislation has passed and is being handled by the Public Service Commission, Williams is even more involved in how Arkansas will deregulate the industry in 2002.

Williams, 39, also helped in changes in the Electric Cooperative Corporation Act, which will allow cooperatives to sell electricity in urban areas and sell other products, such as propane gas or security systems.

Williams served as chairman of AECC's Y2K project, helping the firm successfully meet the June 30 industry deadline for compliance.

Williams is also on the board of Lyon College at Batesville.

Williams credits much of his success to the late J. Smith Henley, a U.S. Circuit Judge he clerked for after finishing law school.