J. Edward Horton

Strategic Alliances Division Leader

Acxiom Corp.

Little Rock

J. Edward Horton

J. Edward Horton has risen through the Acxiom Corp. ranks from sales trainee to Corporate Leadership Team member, a role he assumed when he became leader of the new Strategic Alliances Division on April 1 of this year.

Horton started with the information technology company in 1987, working in New York, where he helped sign AT&T as a client. He then moved to Atlanta before returning to Little Rock, his hometown.

Horton's responsibilities over the years included forming Acxiom's high-tech business unit and becoming a business development leader.

These days, his division is mainly responsible for selling Acxiom internationally. Horton has helped strengthen business relationships with such clients as IBM, Compaq and Microsoft. And while Acxiom was doing about $19 million a year in business in Asia when he started, last year the total was around $1 billion.

Outside the office, Horton has helped raise money for Junior Achievement of Arkansas and the Arkansas Heart Association.

"You try to figure out where you want to make a difference," said Horton, 37, adding that he sees the need for "a line of balance ... between work, family, play and spiritual [life]."