Del Boyette

Executive Director

Arkansas Industrial Development Commission

Little Rock

Del Boyette

Del Boyette achieved a longtime goal when he was selected to head the AIDC last year. It was also the realization of his philosophy "to strive always to set your professional goals and personal goals out there just barely at the end of your reach."

At 37, he is the youngest state-level economic development director in the country. Except for a seven-month stint at the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, he has been with AIDC since 1985. Before becoming executive director, he was AIDC's director of industrial development.

This year, the Arkansas Jaycees named him the Outstanding Young Arkansan.

He says he's excited about two recent plant announcements for Augusta and Helena because of the traditionally high unemployment in those areas. He expects the AIDC's new office in Mexico City to generate many jobs in Arkansas because of increased exports.

So what are his goals now at AIDC?

"To work every day to ensure that every Arkansan has the opportunity to be employed, hopefully in a job they enjoy."