Ron Clark

Chief Operating Officer

Rose Law Firm

Little Rock

Ron Clark

Ron Clark couldn't have known the troubles he'd see when he became chief operating officer at the Rose Law Firm in February 1993.

Only weeks later he began to be inundated with media requests to discuss the firm and its four former partners in Washington, D.C. - Hillary Clinton, Webb Hubbell, Bill Kennedy and Vince Foster.

Foster committed suicide in July 1993. Hubbell and Kennedy were demoted from their posts in the Clinton administration. Only Hillary Clinton remains at her same level of prominence.

In the past, Rose's COO had been a part-time position. But Clark, 39, estimates he works as long as 70 hours weekly to keep up.

Clark, also a certified public accountant, joined the firm in 1980 out of the University of Arkansas Law School. He specializes in tax and corporate law. He's a board member of the Anthony School and a member of Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church.

The elected position of chief operating officer normally rotates periodically among the partners. Clark says there is no timetable for elections. But, he adds, "I doubt that I would have much competition for the job right now."