Lisa Ferrell


Lisa Ferrell

Little Rock

Lisa Ferrell

It was probably only a matter of time before Lisa Ferrell, 31, dove into political waters like so many other civic-minded lawyers who love interacting with people.

Ferrell is running for office as a state representative with a Democratic primary win under her belt. She first entered the public eye with her selection as one of 22 volunteers working on the Future-Little Rock Governance Task Force.

Her political candidacy in 1994 prompted an amicable parting with the Rose Law Firm, where she was a senior litigation associate.

It's only one line item in her already impressive résumé that includes experience abroad as an international studies graduate in Switzerland and summer associate in Japan and locally as a deputy prosecuting attorney and adjunct professor of law.

"If I had to be a stay-in-the-backroom lawyer, I'd go crazy," admits Ferrell, a Harvard Law School graduate.

Outside the courtroom, Ferrell draws energy from door-to-door campaigning for office, where she hopes to put her legal, economic and international experience to good use.