Tom Garrison

Vice President

American Freightways Inc.


Tom Garrison

Tom Garrison, the 34-year-old vice president and secretary-treasurer of the board of directors of Harrison-based American Freightways Inc., began working at the company 20 years ago in the maintenance department and on the docks. Since then, he has been involved in every major department of the company.

After graduating from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville with an bachelor's degree in accounting in 1985, Garrison set up the company's initial accounting system, developed its financial reports and initiated the data processing department. He went on to develop the firm's cost-accounting methods, which led to the pricing department.

In addition, he has worked in the accounts receivable, personnel and administration departments. For the past four years he has headed up American's quality processes.

Garrison also serves on the board of directors of the Harrison Chamber of Commerce.

Garrison sums up his philosophy as realizing the importance of developing and communicating basic business principles in the corporate mission.

"They don't have to be fancy," he says. "In fact, probably the shorter and to the point the better."