Lanny Grissom


The Prudential-Hawks Realty Inc.


Lanny Grissom

To be named Arkansas' No. 1 Realtor in 1993, solely responsible for selling 107 homes totaling more than $14 million in sales, was not enough for Lanny Grissom.

This aggressive Realtor at Prudential Hawks in Conway has set a 1994 goal of selling 150 homes before the end of the year. When Arkansas Business last checked he was at 95, looking to close on 96.

"I am pretty much a self-starter and a self-motivator," says the enthusiastic 32-year-old.

When Grissom and his wife, Diana, opened Prudential Hawks in 1983, it was just the two of them. He says that since then, the company has grown by more than 10 percent each year with last year's sales reaching more than $50 million.

Out of about 15 companies, Prudential has about 38 percent of Conway's real estate market share.

"It's pretty easy to sell something you're sold on yourself," Grissom says. "I get just as excited selling a $40,000 house as I do a $400,000 house."