Garbo Hearne


Pyramid Gallery and Books

Little Rock

Garbo Hearne

Garbo Hearne left her post as a nurse at her husband's family practice, Hearne and Jeffers, to man Pyramid Gallery and Books in 1989. It was also about that time, she says, she decided to commit to educating Little Rock about the artistic talents of African-Americans.

"We do a lot more than just break-dance and rap," says the up-front 33-year-old. "It's all about educating people about the many talents of African-Americans."

Bronze busts of jazz musicians, murals depicting scenes of Africa and the latest works of African-American authors are just a few features of the gallery, which also specializes in custom framing.

From a small space on the corner of 12th Street and Fair Park Boulevard in 1988, Garbo and her husband, Archie, moved their gallery to 1308 S. Main St. in 1989, where it is today.

For Hearne, Pyramid is not only a display case for art, but it has proved to be a link to Little Rock's black community where young and old alike can meet artists, authors and other positive role models she brings to her gallery year-round.