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Bill Paschall

Bill Paschall's test of a potential client is whether Paschall would vote for him.

"If I would, then we will give our heart and soul," says the 34-year-old. "Once we have passed that test, we do what we feel we have to do to win a race."

Last May, more people than not voted for Paschall's clients. He scored big with three wins in the Democratic primary, including Winston Bryant's surprisingly comfortable victory over Mark Pryor in a heated attorney general's race. "We have had other cycles that we won them all, but they weren't as high profile as this."

Paschall caught the political bug in Texas working as a campaign volunteer. He opened his company in 1988 and represented Marion Humphrey, who became the first black man elected to an Arkansas municipal judgeship since Reconstruction. "It was a big upset and helped us open doors to other clients, and we went from there."

Paschall has little time outside campaign work during an election year. Days for the four-person office run 12-14 hours.

"Aside from money raising and the day-to-day campaign, we spend a lot of time with crisis management," he says. "There is one crisis after another in political management."