Deborah Robinson


Robinson Studios Inc.

Little Rock

Deborah Robinson

As community program director for Comcast Cable, Deborah Robinson became known as the host of locally oriented programs. In May, she moved on to a bigger challenge by starting her own production company.

Robinson Studios has two divisions - one that develops and markets programs and documentaries, and another that produces videos and programming for others.

"I guess I'm most proud of this move because it was a step of faith for me," says Robinson, 29. "Everything I did up to this point seemed very easy for me."

Robinson's immediate plans for her six-person company include producing the story of Daisy Bates' life, which she has acquired exclusive rights to, and launching a local newsmagazine program, which she hopes to air on a local station this fall.

A devout Christian, Robinson sees her career move as one directed by God, and she relies on her strong faith to empower her. She raised $425,000 to start her business and refuses to accept any of the potential obstacles in being a minority business owner.

"I don't walk in the myths that control black businesses," she says.