Tracy Steele

Executive Director

Martin Luther King Jr. Commission

Little Rock

Tracy Steele

Community service always has been a first love for Tracy Steele. As the executive director of the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission, the 31-year-old Steele can earn a living doing what he says he does best: "Working with the community."

After receiving a degree in political science from Rice University in Houston, playing in a semipro basketball league for about a year and working in Chicago for some time, Steele returned to Arkansas.

In 1988, then-Gov. Bill Clinton brought Steele onto his staff as special assistant for economic development, where he remained until Gov. Jim Guy Tucker named him director of the commission last year.

The King Comission was founded by Act 1216 in September 1993 and is funded with an annual budget of $66,000. The commission is directly involved in the state's race relations, youth programs and economic development.

"Before we can all prosper together socially and economically, we have to learn to live together," Steele says are words he lives by.