Warren Stephens

President and CEO

Stephens Inc.

Little Rock

Warren Stephens

Warren Stephens finds something new, exciting and fun everyday at Stephens Inc.

"You never know what that is going to be when you are coming to work," says the 37-year-old president and CEO of the company.

Stephens came to work for his father, Jackson T. Stephens, in 1981 after finishing business school at Wake Forest University.

Though most of his time is spent on the investment banking side, Stephens says he has "done a lot of different things and enjoyed every one of them. That's one of the great things about being here. You can get exposed to a lot of different things."

Maintaining the stature of one of top investment houses off Wall Street is a continuous challenge, he says.

"I think we really try to carry on something that was here long before I was here," he says. "That is we protect and we are working in the best interest of our clients. Our decisions are based on that, not on what is in the best interest for us."

Stephens remains on the board of the Little Rock Boys Club and has been on numerous others. Away from the office, he works at lowering an eight-handicap on the golf course. "That's real good for me," he says. "That is probably as good as I am ever going to get."