Lynn Wright

Chief Financial Officer

First Commercial Corp.

Little Rock

Lynn Wright

Some may find it hard to believe that a 32-year-old would sit as the chief financial officer and treasurer of Arkansas' largest banking corporation, but don't be surprised. This thirtysomething executive has worked for the bank for the last 10 years.

"I guess it is a strong desire to succeed and do well that has brought me to where I am," says a modest Lynn Wright. "I wouldn't want to talk about what I think makes me so great.

"I just try to do a good job in whatever I do."

Wright left his position as a staff auditor with the Author Young accounting firm (now Ernst & Young) to join First Commercial in 1984. Named 1994's William J. Smith Young Executive of the Year, Wright's management skills contributed to First Commercial's growth in eastern Texas, where the thrift has about three branches.

"I have a demanding schedule, but I try to strike a balance," he says. "I always found that hard work and honesty usually pay off, and so far it's working for me."