Elbert Crawford


Llama Sports Management Co.

Little Rock

Elbert Crawford

Not only can Elbert Crawford relate to professional athletes as players, he knows what it's like to see a promising career suddenly cut short.

"I try to instill that it's not where you come from, it's where you're headed," the 30-year-old agent says. "I was a young black kid from the east side of Little Rock, and I've been everywhere from the White House to knowing the Walton family, the Stephens family. It was education and training myself properly that gave me those opportunities, not looking for an easy way out."

Crawford was involved in player-management relations on three NFL teams. When a heart attack ended his playing career, he negotiated his own contract settlement - and a sports agent career was born.

Crawford was with Stephens Sports Management in 1995 when he and Alice Walton, founder of Llama Co., found they were "a perfect fit" and created the sports management group.

Crawford says he selects athletes who "will be respected in the community" such as basketball player Corliss Williamson, pro football star Keith Jackson and recent NBA first-round draft choice Derek Fisher.