Bud Cummins

Business Owner


Little Rock

Bud Cummins

Bud Cummins considered running for political office two years ago but found he didn't have the time to commit to the race.

This year, the businessman-lawyer decided to stop practicing law and run for U.S. representative from the 2nd District. He defeated five others for the Republican nomination and will face Democrat Vic Snyder in November.

"Being in business, I had a pretty good view of how government impacted business and, through business, impacted families and our society," the 36-year-old Cummins says. "I have had a bellyful of the liberal approaches we've taken to government over the past 30 or 40 years."

His business ventures include construction, real estate development and investments, oil and gas exploration partnerships and a small landscape maintenance firm. He grew up around a family construction business.

Because he believes in term limits, he says he'll continue those businesses either in about "90 days, or in six years or so" if he keeps winning.

His says the race against Snyder is a clear choice between "a conservative and a liberal." He's confident of his chances in November because the eight-county 2nd District is, in his words, "extremely conservative."