Tom Donaldson

Crittenden County Deputy Prosecutor

Crittenden County Prosecutor's Office

West Memphis

Tom Donaldson

Tom Donaldson may have been the most celebrated political candidate who didn't win in this spring's primary races.

He wasn't enamored with the choice of candidates attempting to replace Blanche Lincoln as U.S. representative in the 1st District.

"I've always been the type of person that if I don't like the choices, I don't complain," Donaldson says. "I just get out and do something about it."

Even though he is only 28, Donaldson decided to run in the Democratic primary. He lost to Marion Berry in a runoff, but the Democrats may have found a rising star.

He did it all while spending a third less than Berry.

"To be able to do that and get as close as we did was amazing," he says.

In addition to serving as deputy prosecutor in Crittenden County, Donaldson is a lawyer with the West Memphis firm of Hale Fogelman & Rogers. Practicing law is something he's wanted to do "since watching Perry Mason as a kid with my great-grandmother."

His political career is just starting.

"I don't know if I will be running for [U.S. representative] again or for attorney general or who knows what," he says. "But we'll be back."