Jeff Fox

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Alltel Information Systems Inc.

Little Rock

Jeff Fox

Jeff Fox, who describes himself as "not a trophy hunter," says he's happy working in the background.

"I've been primarily in the background my whole career," says Fox, who graduated from Duke University in 1984. "I was in investment banking for 12 years, and I was proud to be involved with Stephens [Inc.]. I'm trying to take the lessons I learned there and figuring out how to apply them to another world. I'm trying to add some value to Alltel in this slot."

The 34-year-old Fox, a native of Louisville, Ky., spent two years working for Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner & Smith Inc. in New York after graduation. He gained experience in the mergers and acquisitions department. "It was mostly highly leveraged transactions and junk bond financing."

Fox joined Stephens in 1986 and left last February to take his post at Alltel.

"I worked with Alltel fairly extensively for the last seven years and was involved in several large acquisitions and formed some relationships," Fox says. "They were looking to accelerate their growth potential. It's obviously a dynamic industry, and we're doing some exciting things. We're trying to expand our set of offerings to include new products and services."