Keith Glover

President and CEO

Producers Rice Mill Inc.


Keith Glover

Most CPAs are bean counters; Keith Glover happens to be a grain counter.

And, since taking over the management reins at Producers in 1988 at the ripe old age of 30, Glover, now 39, has had plenty of grains to count: Annual rice receipts from members have grown from 17.8 million bushels to more than 36 million bushels in 1995.

Success breeds growth, and Producers has more than 2,500 members at 13 satellite operations in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Missouri.

That so many seasoned rice farmers would let a relative sprout run the cooperative isn't really a surprise. Glover grew up in rice country - Carlisle - and although his family didn't farm, "rice was all around me." After earning a degree in accounting from Arkansas State University, Glover came to Producers in 1982 as chief financial officer.

The recent Freedom to Farm legislation presents Glover with a challenge: a cutback in production as rice farmers chase higher-priced commodities. "Our biggest positive is demand," he says. "Domestic rice production has doubled in the last 12 years and the foreign market continues to be strong."