Miles M. Goggans


Goggans Inc.

Little Rock

Miles M. Goggans

When Miles M. Goggans was growing up, the fields and farms of southeast Arkansas were places to "run and romp." Now they're the source of his livelihood, although he didn't plan it that way.

"Both sides of my family farmed," Goggans says. "I didn't take much interest in it until I was in high school. And I definitely didn't go to Washington [D.C.] after college to become Sen. [David] Pryor's agri aide."

Goggans got that job after a couple of months in the office mail room. He would later become Pryor's chief of staff and special assistant to President Clinton for agriculture and trade. In 1994 he set up Goggans Inc., a Little Rock consulting and trading firm specializing in agricultural, trade, rural and political issues.

Goggans has arranged deals to grow and sell rice to Japan, and he's looking to Saudi Arabia as a growth market: "They import 97 percent of their food."

That's a lot of moving and shaking for a 32-year-old. Goggans downplays his influence.

"My biggest sale last year was 40,000 bales of cotton to China," he says. "That's not a big deal nationally, but for me it was big."