Jerry Malone

General Counsel

Federal Highway Administration

Washington, D.C.

Jerry Malone

Jerry Malone joined Friday Eldredge & Clark, Arkansas' largest law firm, in 1985 after earning his law degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law.

The experience at the Friday firm must have served him well - he was recruited to serve as general counsel for the Federal Highway Administration in May.

"[The Friday firm] became my family," the 36-year-old Malone says. "It was scary leaving that family environment, but that has been a pleasant circumstance - joining a family environment here [in Washington, D.C.]. It alleviated a lot of the stress of leaving."

Malone, who attended the University Central Arkansas in Conway before going on to law school, says his secret to success is the people around him.

"I tell kids that people you associate yourself with can make you or break you," he says. "Going into law was based on the associations I had with young men in college."

Malone's expertise at the Friday firm was in banking law and commercial litigation. He was chairman of the board of trustees at the UCA and chairman of the Arkansas Board of Continuing Legal Education.