Stacy Pittman


Pittman/Portis Communications

Little Rock

Stacy Pittman

That Stacy Pittman would work in the communications field is practically a genetically foregone conclusion. She is a daughter of Bob Sells, president and chief executive officer of the Sells & Associates ad agency, where her brother, Mike, is a vice president.

"Mike and I grew up on a family that communicated," Pittman says.

Pittman worked for Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. and for her father for several years before starting her own public relations consulting business in 1994. Last February she teamed with Jonathan Portis to form Pittman/Portis Communications.

Pittman has worked on the teams that helped get the state's Patient Protection Act (any-willing-provider legislation) and the soft-drink bottling tax approved, both against stiff and well-financed competition. The state Democratic Party also is a client.

She takes the most pride, however, in volunteer work with the Highway Heroes program to reduce drunk driving by encouraging designated drivers. Pittman's first husband, Tim Brewer, was killed in a car wreck involving a drunk driver in 1987.