Kevin Sabin

Senior Vice President/Director of Marketing

First Commercial Bank

Little Rock

Kevin Sabin

It took just eight years for Kevin Sabin to move from a trainee out of graduate school to director of marketing at First Commercial Bank in 1993.

One of his biggest assignments was First Commercial's recent reworking of its corporate logo and signs.

"Through research and through gut instinct, we realized we had a redundant logo," the 35-year-old Sabin says. "It said, 'The First Bank, First Commercial.' That's really two names."

Sabin headed a group of First Commercial's management, its advertising agency and a national consulting firm to study possible changes. The decision was made to drop "The First Bank." On First Commercial's new signs, the word "First" dominates, with "Commercial" in smaller letters and "Bank" or "Mortgage" or "Trust" in the smallest letters.

"I've felt a real sense of respect and loyalty for this organization," Sabin says. "We've got people working very hard and competing very well in this organization. There are any number of folks deserving of this recognition."

Sabin enjoys golf, and he and his wife usually take a couple of trips a year to snow ski.