Steven Schulte


Prostaff Personnel

Little Rock

Steven Schulte

When Steven Schulte graduated from the University of Arkansas in 1984 with an industrial engineering degree, he pondered the idea of going to law school.

He spend a couple of years as an engineer with Skil Corp. in Batesville, but in 1987 Schulte decided to get into his family's business, Prostaff Personnel of Little Rock, a company his father founded in 1973.

Today, at age 33, Schulte is the president of the $30 million company.

In 1990, he completed a master's in business administration at the University of Central Arkansas, a degree he finished as much for enrichment as anything, he says.

"I always liked the business side of [engineering]," he says. "Industrial engineering is similar to business in a lot of ways."

Schulte and his wife, Bonna, have been married seven years. The couple has two sons: James, age 5, and Johnathan, age 2.

He is the eternal optimist, Schulte says of himself.

"I always look for the positive," he says. "I guess that can get you in trouble, but it makes you enjoy life more."