Ron Woods


Architecture Innovations Group

Little Rock

Ron Woods

When Ron Woods was in high school, he thought about being an architect. He won three or four school-sponsored drafting contests, and even his peers were urging him to go into the field.

The urge subsided for a while but renewed itself when he stumbled upon a box of old architectural magazines in the library at his college, Georgia Tech.

"The feeling just hit me again," he says.

He got his bachelor of science in architecture and moved back to Arkansas in the early 1980s to work for several local architectural firms. He soon went to Louisiana Tech University for a more-advanced degree. In 1992, he founded Architecture Innovations Group.

"One of my motivating factors was that there is not a black-owned architectural firm in Arkansas that has been financially stable," the 38-year-old Woods says. Because of that, he felt his company needed to provide jobs as a primary mission and, secondly, bring "real" architecture into minority communities.

Woods and his wife, Freda, are raising a 3-year-old son, Bené, and a 1-year-old daughter, Nicole.

Wood also serves as the chairman of the Little Rock Planning Commission.