Brian Clark



Little Rock

Brian Clark

Every professional stop along the way seems to have been meaningful in Brian Clark's career. The 36-year-old Clark joined Mike Sells in buying the Sells & Co. advertising and public relations agency from Mike's father, Bob Sells, in January.

Clark and Sells met while working for esteemed marketer Hugh Pollard in the 1980s. "That's where we both decided this isn't that hard. We said one day we were going to own an agency. We've been talking about it, talking about 13 years. We're finally doing it."

After Brooks-Pollard, Clark worked with Combs & Heathcott, then managed in-house corporate advertising for Fairfield Communities Inc. He moved to Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods, where Shelby Woods taught him about the tourism industry. It was that experience, he says, that led to Peter Mayer Advertising in New Orleans, where he ran the Baton Rouge office and handled the Louisiana tourism account and a budget of $9 million.

After a year back at Cranford, he joined the Sells agency in 1996.

Clark says the 14-person firm - he leads operations while Mike Sells handles creative - is doing things a little different, and "it seems to be working" with an array of top corporate clients.

The Sells/Clark motto is "serious fun communications," and Clark lives by that idea: "The business is stressful, so deadline driven. With the atmosphere, philosophy and culture, you've got to have fun. If you're not having fun, you might as well go do something else."

Clark is on the board of the Arkansas chapter of the Arthritis Foundation and is an officer in the Little Rock chapter of the Lions Club.