Paul W. Edgett III

Senior Vice President

Network Services, St. Vincent Health System

Little Rock

Paul W. Edgett III

Whether in the Navy or as an executive with St. Vincent Health System, Paul W. Edgett III has realized the importance of teamwork.

"The key is having good people on your team, people that have a common vision," the 38-year-old Chicago native says.

Edgett joined the Navy after high school and was assigned to the Naval Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia, working in a special field unit and reaching the rank of second-class petty officer.

Edgett attended Dallas Baptist College, worked with a medical partnership in Chicago, then spent three years with Voluntary Hospitals of America in Dallas and five years with Methodist Hospitals of Dallas. He's been at St. Vincent for five years, recruited because of his experience in developing physician partnerships in Dallas.

His role at St. Vincent is broad-based and involves planning, primary care development, strategic partnerships and new business development.

"We just spread the duties among the senior management team and have a real team approach," he says.

Participating in the growth of St. Vincent Health System in the past five years, he says, has been his most significant achievement to date. Edgett says he wants to continue to grow with the Catholic Health Initiatives system, which owns St. Vincent. In doing so, he's currently attending full-time graduate school in hospital administration at the University of Colorado at Boulder, which entails spending two weeks twice a year in Denver and completing the rest of the course via computer in Little Rock.