Will Garrison

Corporate Vice President

American Freightways Corp.


Will Garrison

It may have been predictable that he would follow his father and brother into the trucking business at American Freightways Corp., but Will Garrison has paid his dues in learning the trucking business.

He started with the firm 11 1/2 years ago, doing programming, customer accounts, working in human resources and people development, in cargo care and operations and in maintenance. On July 1, he became corporate vice president.

Garrison has adopted the company's business principals as his own. They are to take care of customers; honor commitments; work hard, work smart, work safely and work together; make the most of the resources; and to have fun.

Garrison is working on a better service project to enable American Freightways to regain its reputation of being the best carrier.

"We've had a lot of improvement in our relations" with those who use the trucking company, Garrison says.

Looking ahead, Garrison says he'll continue to work with his father and brother to "make sure we're the best truck line."

He says he hopes to see the company branch out and increase its bottom line of return.