Nancy Griebel

Team Leader, Marketing Communications Group

Acxiom Corp.


Nancy Griebel

As team leader for Acxiom Corp.'s Marketing Communications Group, Nancy Griebel heads an eight-person staff that handles the firm's companywide communications.

Griebel personally handles Acxiom's annual report to shareholders and the company's Internet site.

The 36-year-old Griebel graduated from the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville in 1984 and started her career with Mangan Rains Ginnaven Holcomb, the predecessor to Little Rock ad agency Mangan/Holcomb & Partners. From there, she was print production director for Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods, where she worked for nearly 10 years before going to work for Acxiom two years ago.

"It was appealing to me to go to an international company," Griebel says of Acxiom. "I have two small children, and that was one reasons I came to work at Acxiom - it's a very family-friendly company."

Working on the company's annual report was very enjoyable, she says, and she's interested in adding more of an investor relations focus to her job description.

Griebel is an active volunteer and leader in Junior Achievement, where she serves on the organization's junior board of directors and co-chairs the Bowl-a-Thon fund-raiser.

Griebel also volunteers for several other charities, including the Cullen Foundation, Special Olympics and Arkansas Children's Hospital.

"It's always exciting. It's always changing," she says of her job at Acxiom. "There's always new opportunities, and particularly I like working on the web."