Michelle Hastings


Trivia & Co.

Little Rock

Michelle Hastings

Michelle Hastings has a business philosophy that translates into great customer service at Trivia & Co. and results in success for the operation.

"Basically, if you'll just give people the information they want, give it to them in a timely manner, and make sure it's complete and fair, that's all people want," Hastings says.

For the past four years, Hastings has led the company, formerly T-Shirt Trivia, to substantial growth from first supplying only embroidery work to now designing logos that can be used on promotional products and web pages, both of which also can be provided by Trivia & Co.

"If customers are still coming back to us, we must be doing something right," she says.

Being the mother of a hearing-impaired child has led Hastings to be community-involved, also. She is a past president of the Arkansas Association for Hearing Impaired Children and has served with the Arkansas Children's Hospital Auxiliary and Easter Seals projects. In 1995 she helped establish the Little Rock Oral Program that was designed to teach hearing-impaired children how to speak rather than use sign language.

Much of her time is spent helping other parents find resources for their handicapped children, and she says she'll "drop anything" to help them.

This time away from her business has helped her learn the importance of service and she has developed the personal philosophy of "staying grounded - understanding that the business can come or go. It may be gone tomorrow, but what matters is your happiness and what you do for others."