Patrick N. Majors

Vice President of Sales

USA Truck Inc.

Van Buren

Patrick N. Majors

Patrick Majors became vice president of sales at Van Buren-based USA Truck Inc. three years ago, and since that time the company has seen a steady growth.

Taking over midway through 1995, USA Truck has seen sales increase from $102 million to $129.5 million last year. In the first six months of 1998, sales are more than $72 million, so Majors is optimistic of another increase.

"But I can't take full credit," Majors says. "This company is not just one guy. It takes the whole organization, and we have a great group of people here."

Some family members introduced Majors, a graduate in marketing from Oklahoma State University, into the trucking business in 1986. He landed a sales position with USA Truck seven years ago.

"There are no secrets at USA Truck," Majors says. "It's a great environment to work in. I don't micromanage. We have goals set and I let the people do their jobs."

Again, not desiring full credit for the job he has done, Majors says, "When we sell our organization, we feel like we're a Cadillac company. Too many times individuals get credit for what the company is doing. But it is the team that makes it work, and that is a lot more than just sales."

Majors has greatly expanded the breadth and depth of the USA Truck sales effort both in the general office and in key locations in the field. The company now has 785 active customers.