Andrew Meadors

Vice President

Meadors & Adams Inc.

Little Rock

Andrew Meadors

Andrew Meadors isn't your average guy.

"People can love me, they can hate me, whatever, I just don't want to be average," he says. While on a road trip in college, Meadors came across the saying "To be average scares the hell out of me," and he has lived by it ever since.

At age 34, he is vice president of his family's insurance firm, Meadors & Adams Inc., in Little Rock, having worked there for 11 years. He is proud of two professional designations, Certified Insurance Counselor and Associate in Risk Management, that he earned to stay ahead of the competition.

"I think the more we can educate ourselves as insurance agents, the better job we can do for our clients. You have to have something that makes you different," he says.

Meadors was successful in landing Alltel Arena as a client and writing a builder's risk insurance policy. "That was a major deal - $62 million in coverage. It's the biggest builder's risk insurance policy ever in the state of Arkansas," he says.

Among other activities, Meadors is a host on "Drive Time Sports Talk" on local radio and is the incoming president for Major Sports Association, which is designed to bring sporting events to the state. Of the 40 MSA board members, he is the youngest ever.

Still, he says, he will not have been successful unless he has made a positive impact in someone's life, either personally or professionally. "It's not just landing accounts or making money. That's a by-product from what I call success," Meadors says. "Success is me bringing solutions to people's problems."