Bruce Moore

Assistant to the Little Rock City Manager

City of Little Rock

Little Rock

Bruce Moore

At 31 years old, Bruce Moore says he's proud to know he is working to build Little Rock. Moore, with a master's degree in public administration, came to Little Rock to work as an assistant to the mayor, who at the time was elected by the board, unlike the popularly elected mayors of today.

In 1988, Moore became the assistant to the city manager, the position he currently holds.

He also works as the interim director of the department of housing and neighborhood programs for Little Rock.

But one of his most prestigious positions is as a staff representative to the planners of the Clinton Presidential Library.

"To see the area of east Little Rock grow and to see the people down there in the River Market enjoying themselves, and to know that the Clinton Library will be the catalyst for that area, that makes me proud.

"Probably the thing that I get the most gratification out of is being able to be involved in the day-to-day activities that will enhance the future of this city."

Moore, originally from El Dorado, says he learns something new from working with good people every day. He says his years working with Mayor Jim Dailey and the various city managers have helped contribute to the positive experiences he's had in public life.

"I enjoy being a part of public service," he says. "I enjoy being in the public sector. I find this to be a rewarding field."

Moore says he's a big believer in working hard, remaining professional and having integrity.