Gretchen Teagarden

Equity Analyst

Stephens Inc.

Little Rock

Gretchen Teagarden

At 27, Gretchen Teagarden is already making waves in the world of investment banking with an impressive new research report spelling out the investment potential of companies engaged in Internet commerce.

The report, recently issued by Stephens Inc., has positioned the company to become a leader in equity research on Internet-related companies.

It's a perfect fit for Stephens, which has traditionally had a weak presence in researching technology stocks. This weakness is somewhat ironic, because droves of Stephens clients have been buying technology stocks through the investment bank for years.

Teagarden, a certified public accountant by training, came to Stephens Inc. in July 1994 from Price Waterhouse in Dallas and worked for the first couple of years in corporate finance, handling mergers and acquisitions.

During that time, she had the chance to work with several technology-oriented companies, and the exposure ultimately led to the research opportunity in Internet commerce.

When she moved into equity research, Teagarden's task was finding and dissecting the fastest growing arm of the technology-oriented economy. Her detailed economic analysis led her inexorably to the Internet.

In her spare time, Teagarden works with Volunteers for Public Schools, serving as a mentor and pal to a little eighth-grade girl.