Josh Allen

Vice President of Operations

Allen Canning Co.

Siloam Springs

Josh Allen

Josh Allen grew up on canned vegetables. Today, at 27, Allen works as the vice president of operations at Allen Canning Co. in Siloam Springs.

Allen has held several positions within the family-owned company, including delivering mail to various departments. He has spent the last two years as VPO, examining vegetable growth and packaging and dealing with the farmers. He also oversees 750 employees.

As the fourth generation to work at the canning company, Allen is most proud of earning the "respect of my associates and team members and the confidence from my father to handle such a large task. Right now, this is most important to me."

Allen's success in business is due to the people with whom he works, he said.

"If you're going to be a great leader or a coach, you have to surround yourself with great people and loyal people. You have to realize you can't do it yourself."

Since graduating from Southwest Missouri State University at Springfield with a business administration degree, Allen has been active on the board of directors of the Northwest Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute. He also is a member of the University of Arkansas Executive Forum.