Christy Campbell

Owner and Pharmacist

Lowery Drug Marts and County Drug


Christy Campbell

Christy Campbell, 39, feels she makes a difference in people's lives. Campbell's three pharmacies in Searcy offer health screenings, bone density tests and fittings for orthopedic shoes. Patients also may get annual flu and pneumonia vaccinations.

These services stem from Campbell's desire to run a patient-oriented business, which was stifled during four years she worked in retail pharmacies focused on the number of prescriptions filled.

"I'm trying to get (pharmacists) away from being seen as just pill-pushers," she said.

Serving the whole person has been the most rewarding aspect of her practice, said Campbell, who hopes to prove community pharmacies can relate to patients and compete with retail giants.

"In order for me to survive, I've got to come up with some service-oriented programs," she said.

In 1995, Campbell purchased Lowery Drug Mart No. 1 and No. 2, and a third location, County Drug, was built in 1997.

Campbell is a member in the Arkansas Pharmacists Association, the Searcy Chamber of Commerce and was named Arkansas Business and Professional Women's Young Careerist in 1995. She was pictured on the cover of Community Pharmacist magazine in 1999.