Jean-Paul Francoeur


JP Fitness LLC

Little Rock

Jean-Paul Francoeur

Physical fitness has always dominated Jean-Paul Francoeur's life, but never more so than today. At 35, Francoeur is president of JP Fitness LLC in Little Rock, with a staff of six full-time employees, a nutritionist, a massage therapist and three part-time employees.

JP Fitness has been anything but an overnight success.

"Being a small business that started off with nothing, to have built my facility up to this level is my notable business achievement," Francoeur said.

JP Fitness is now expanding its space on the 29th floor of the TCBY Tower, adding 3,000 SF for an aerobics and kick-boxing room and more equipment to accommodate Francoeur's growing client base. A new contract with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield could bring him many of its employees as new clients.

Francoeur believes physical fitness helps prevent many health problems, and that's why he's serving as chairman of the Governor's Council on Fitness.

Francoeur became a personal trainer at 19 and worked at Gold's Gym and War Memorial Stadium while attending the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He now shares his experiences as a free-lance writer for Men's Health.