Clyde Bass

Vice President of Broadcasting

Duke Media


Clyde Bass

Community service is "more than lip service, more than running public service announcements." Clyde Bass said.

Bass, who oversees operation of four radio stations - KFIN-FM, 107.9; KIYS-FM, 101-9; and KBTM-AM, 1230, in Jonesboro and KOTC-AM, 830, in Kennett, Mo. - said lots of small-town stations think their communities should give them support.

"That's backward," he said. "It's up to the radio station to be a viable medium for customers. We earn a living by providing a return on investment to our customers."

Though just 32 years old; Bass speaks from lengthy radio experience. He started as a disc jockey in Mena, his hometown, while still in high school and kept on-air jobs throughout college at Arkansas State University and after.

He later became a sales rep for the Jonesboro stations owned by Larry Duke, head of Duke Media. After just 10 months, the station programmer quit and Bass took the job.

Bass was just 25 when Duke "tossed me the keys to the station and said, 'It's yours.'"