Don Hale

Station Manager

KTVE-TV, Channel 10

El Dorado

Don Hale

Don Hale likes to be "in the know," so what better place for him to be than a television station?

"This is one of the most exciting businesses I can think of," Hale said. "I like being part of the decision making when it comes to how we present news. The responsibility to the community is awesome."

That's doubly true for KTVE-TV, Channel 10, which serves two communities: southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana. The station has offices in both El Dorado and Monroe, La.

"You take an issue like the [proposed] Interstate 69," Hale said. "People in Louisiana want it to run through Monroe, and people in south Arkansas want it in El Dorado. You serve both interests by playing the story objectively, right down the middle."

Spoken like a veteran media specialist, yet Hale, 39, is new to the field: He came to the station about a year ago after several years in the office equipment business.

"I still have a lot to learn about the broadcasting business," he said, "but I learned early on that the key to success in any field is surrounding yourself with good people."