Dr. Scott Schlesinger


Neurological Surgery Associates

Little Rock

Dr. Scott Schlesinger

Dr. Scott Schlesinger performs 30-50 surgeries a month, specializing in cerebral vascular disorders such as aneurysms.

That grueling pace is rewarded when he hears from patients who have completely recovered.

He recalls a 17-year-old in Dallas who almost died in a car accident. She had a blood clot on her brain.

"It was not likely that she would survive," said Schlesinger, who operates at Baptist Medical Center and St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center. "But she woke up in a few days and recovered well. I got a letter the other day from her parents. She's now at SMU and was in the south of France studying French.

"That was very rewarding. But every day I run into patients I've operated on, and it's very rewarding to see them alive and well."

The Hot Springs native decided to become a neurosurgeon after watching brain surgery as a teenaged Explorer Scout. He finished first in his undergraduate class at the University of Arkansas and second at UAMS.

"I treat everyone like they're family and do what's right for the patient," Schlesinger, 34, said. "Everything else will take care of itself."